Don’t Be Fooled


I’ve noticed recently there have been some gas safe companies offering ridiculously low prices for their Boiler Service. Apart from causing an un sustainable race for the bottom for the industry this could be a deceitful tactic.

One tactic used by companies is to offer a low price on a well needed service or product in order to get “their foot in the door”. Once said company has your custom confirmed they will hope you would buy additional products or services from them. In this case the Gas Engineer could very easily make out your gas appliance or gas installation needs additional work in order to be safe. As a human being that is not up to speed with the most current Gas Safe regulations it could be considered foolish to ignore the advice given from the competent person. 

Charging landlords a cheap price for a Gas Safe Certificate could be a recipe for disaster.

There was a court case in London a few years ago where a tenant was injured due to an unsafe gas installation. Even though the landlord had the annual gas safety checks carried out by a gas safe engineer, the landlord was prosecuted and sentenced to jail time as well as the Gas Safe engineer for the harm caused by the unsafe gas installation. The Judge said the words “what do you expect for £45?“  when he handed the landlord the sentence. The gas engineer in question was filling out a form rather than actually doing the required checks. 

Pavlou Plumbers the rates below for their gas work. This ensures the work is completed without the need to upsell. 

Boiler service is now £90inc VAT.(not including any parts that may be required to complete the service). 

Gas Safe Certificate £78inc VAT.

Boiler service and gas safe certificate £108inc VAT (not including gas fires or any parts that may be required to complete the boiler service).

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